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Suitable for mounting boxes can be used to separate the box type or things.

Suitable for mounting crates or corrugated boxes of 3-5 layers that are lightweight (8 – 10 kg).

Suitable for general work, indicating work in the office, resistant to temperature 60’C.  

Can be used for both compression and injection molding methods can be produced in a variety of colors.

Size 150CMX500M

Small roll cutting service

Suitable for lightweight (20 – 25 kg) crates or 5-layer corrugated boxes.


Stickers for inkjet dyne pigment printers have good ink holding capacity and dry quickly.

Suitable for attaching light weight (4 – 5 kg) crates or corrugated boxes.

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Because Thai KK Group is the leading manufacturer of
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We are committed to create innovative and sustainable solutions,
by providing lifestyle products for better living.

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