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We provide stress-free product compliance to global standards - ISO, FDA, FSC, PEFC

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We are the leading raw material supplier of consumer and industrial products
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Suitable for attaching boxes containing products that require caution.


Suitable for Dry toner or Laser printers (Production models), Laser Print models.

Suitable for general work, paint work, box installation, furniture work. Temperature resistant 80’C.         

Suitable for general work, office, handicraft (solvent glue).

Used for paper cups, heat resistant up to 100°C, 100% biodegradable within 1 year.

For offset printers and other convention systems.

Coated with high quality glue, good adhesion.

Made to order tape, logo printing, brand printing, letter printing!!!

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Why THAI KK? By Thai KK

Because Thai KK Group is the leading manufacturer of
tape, labels, melamine and urea molding compound with +40 years of experience. 
We are committed to create innovative and sustainable solutions,
by providing lifestyle products for better living.

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